AccessReal Won Certificate of Merit for Best Business Solution at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016


11 April 2016, AccessReal, has won Certificate of Merit for Best Business Solution Product & Service at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016.Established in 2006, the Hong Kong ICT Awards aims at recognizing and promoting outstanding information and communications technology ICT inventions and applications, thereby encouraging innovation and excellence among Hong Kong’s ICT talents and enterprise in their constant pursuit of creative and better solutions to meet business and social needs.AccessReal is the Next-Gen Anti-Counterfeiting, Track & Trace, Consumer Interactive Solution that aim to provide help business in building consumer trust, improve brand protection, personalize consumer engagement and provide business intelligent.Comments from the Hong Kong ICT Award Judging Panel:The 2-layer QR code labeling scheme is a low-cost and innovative method for product counterfeit detection and prevention. A liquor brewery in the Mainland has adopted this scheme for the protection of its brand and to prevent counterfeit products entering into the market.Another potential use of the solution is in the publishing industry to prevent copyright infringement of printed material such as books. The Company is also promoting this solution as a way to bring in online contents to augment the printed contents on the books. This involves the access of digital contents by the scanning of QR codes that are strategically place within the printed contents of the books.Mr Jackson Ngan, Vice President of Sales Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan on the left and Mr Ivan Lee, Strategy Development Director on the right represented i-Sprint Innovation to receive the Certificate of Merit.

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AccessReal Helped MTC Old Wine Auction


7 December 2015, Poly Maotai Club – Kweichow Maotai specialized auction had successfully closed $21 million deals. Beijing China Wine Culture Research Association Referred as Maotai Club, established in 2009 by Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd, is the only professional organization that specialized in Chinese wine culture research and aged wine service in China. In this auction, the organization provided authenticity guarantee that every item auctioned is original factory, bottle, seal and genuine, hence, anti-counterfeit solution played an important role in this Maotai liquor auction. After stringent evaluation, Maotai Club selected An Xun Ben i-Sprint Innovation’s China office AccessReal Anti-Counterfeit Authentication and Traceability System. Every bottle of auction Maotai liquor is labelled with anti-counterfeit QR code, purchasers only need to use their smart phone to scan the dual QR code label to obtain official product information and authenticate the product. This show how serious Maotai Club is in anti-counterfeit.Close Collaboration between Maotai Club and AccessRealAs we know, the Maotai liquor has high commercial value and collection value, thus, counterfeiting is rampant and consumers have difficulty distinguish between real and fake liquor. With the rapid popularity of e-commerce, the different purchasing channels caused the liquor’s pricing to vary and this has seriously affected the China Maotai liquor brand image, company revenue and the interests of consumers.Faced with ever-changing market environment and counterfeit mean, Beijing China Wine Culture Research Association, been the most professional Maotai wine service organization, have been following closely with the development and application of new anti-counterfeiting technology. Maotai club has gone through thorough investigation and comparison to select AccessReal Anti-Counterfeit and Traceability system. AccessReal has many innovative technology and functions that can fulfil Maotai club’s needs in preventing counterfeit and grey market. Both companies are very pleased with this collaboration.The Ultimate AccessReal Anti-Counterfeit Solution lived up to its PromiseAccessReal has 3 key strengths that won the full trust of Maotai Club. First, the dual anti-counterfeit label has anti-duplicate, anti-tamper and anti-malicious query functions. Each product has a set of unique dual QR code label, the underlying code can only be scanned once as such duplication is invalid and this will eliminate counterfeit opportunity from the root. Once the anti-counterfeit label has been registered, it cannot be tampered. If been tampered, the anti-counterfeit code will not pass through the verification. With the unique dual QR code, the covert layer can be scanned numerous time for basic product and logistic information; the underlying code is scanned for one-time check of authenticity and this can prevent malicious enquiry without affecting the basic product information enquiry and logistics management.Second, backed by bank-grade information security technology, business confidential information and consumer privacy are well protected. This includes strict control of user access, data transmission and storage encryption, APP reinforcement to ensure it will not be easily hacked or maliciously tamper to prevent product identity query channel been hacked.Lastly, AccessReal is scalable. It can incorporate different variety of security label forms RFID, NFC, Barcode etc.. Companies have the freedom to fix the anti-counterfeit security level, it can based on product value and type to decide whether to use single or multiple combination security code methods.The research & development and design of AccessReal aim to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of businesses and consumers. It provides businesses and administrative law enforcement departments an effective means of combating counterfeit activities and gives consumers a convenient and reliable tool to authenticate the products. In this way, the solution will help to regulate the market environment and establish a long-term mechanism.

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FutureGov Singapore Forum 2014


i-Sprint participated in the FutureGov Singapore 11th Annual Forum as one of the sponsors for this event. It was held on 22nd April 2014 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.FutureGov Forum focused on how future IT trends will solve key Information and Communications Technology ICT business challenges. This forum provided a gathering point for more than 350 senior civil servants from Singapore Public Sector to interact and collaborate with their local and international counterparts and the leading industry experts from over 14 different states and countries.The forum gave i-Sprint great brand exposure and presented a platform for i-Sprint to understand the needs of the public sector in information security, information management, mobility and cloud computing solutions.

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